Ottawa Citizen, May 2009

Lanark’s Dean Spence makes whimsical twig and bent-willow furniture

By Janet Wilson, The Ottawa CitizenMay 16, 2009

Dean Spence collects wood from his rural property to make one-of-a-kind twig furniture and birch-bark dressers. Photograph by: Jean Levac, the Ottawa Citizen, The Ottawa Citizen

It’s no surprise living in the forest has shaped Dean Spence’s artistic prowess. He lives and breathes wood, transforming it into inspiring rustic art forms.

For 15 years, he has made twig and bent-willow furniture, accessories ... [READ MORE]

The Humm December 2008

Kapristo in The Humm - Dec. 2008

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Wish Magazine - February/March 2005

Wish Magazine contacted Kapristo Mountain Woodcraft to be featured in their Canadiana Edition in February/March 2005. We were so thrilled to be asked and are very pleased with the final result (below).

Kapristo Mountain Woodcraft featured in Wish Magazine

Wish Magazine cover - Kapristo featured

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